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Coloring Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Looking for a new, exciting way to color Easter Eggs this year?!  All you need are these things:

Shaving cream

Liquid or gel food coloring

**food coloring does stain hands and clothes**

Cookie sheet lined with foil

Hard boiled eggs

1. Fill your foil lined cookie sheets with shaving cream.  I’ve also heard you can use whipped cream but haven’t tried it myself.  It might be worth a try if you have a little one who might try eating the shaving cream.

2. Drop desired colors of food coloring throughout the shaving cream.  Using your finger or a toothpick, spread the food coloring throughout the shaving cream.  We used these smocks to protect their clothes.  We should have also covered their hands, as they are pretty stained now.  You can put plastic baggies over their hands to keep them free of food coloring.

3. Carefully drop the hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream.  You can cover it with one color or multiple colors.  My youngest swirled her colors pretty much all together and most of her eggs ended up looking very similar.  The oldest kept her colors separate and was much more intentional about coloring her eggs. The different colors showed more on the finished product on hers.


4. Make sure the eggs are completely covered by colored shaving cream.  Allow the eggs to sit for a couple hours.

5. Rinse the shaving cream off the eggs.  Enjoy the unique, marbled masterpieces.  Happy Easter!  

Until next time…

“Easter: the one time it’s ok to put all your eggs in 1 basket.”

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