Create (originally posted May 18, 2015)


**This was reposted from my first, original blog.  I wanted to move everything over so I have it all in one spot.**

Well, here I am, finally writing my very first blog post.  This is something I always wanted to try, but never thought I was interesting or entertaining enough to give it a shot.  Yesterday at church, Pastor Danny said, “I want you to create something this week.”  He then gave several examples of things to create and when he said blog, I knew immediately what I would be creating.

Anyway, I have always worked.  Always.  Since I was about 10 years old, I began working for my family business to purchase things I wanted.  You see, I wasn’t like most of my friends who were handed everything.  I had to work for it.  I used to resent it a lot growing up, but I’m beginning to appreciate it a little more every day.  I’m not saying that it was easy, or that one is better than the other.  Nor am I deciding at this very moment how Chad and I will raise our kids.  But, I can’t change my childhood, so I might as well find the silver lining 😉

What does that have to do with starting a blog?  Well, because right now, I am on an extended maternity leave.  I am enjoying very second of it, but I am also feeling a huge void right now that my working life used to fill.  I love my two girls more than anything in the world.  In fact, as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to do two things: 1. become a mom and 2. become a teacher.  I have successfully done both.  However, my “teacher hat” has been hung up for 3.5 months now and won’t be getting put back on for another 2.5 months.  I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for such a hard working husband who makes this arrangement possible, but can’t help but feeling a little disconnected from adults.

You see, I can’t (respectfully) vent about my husband’s annoying little habits or about the inappropriate things I see on Facebook to my 2 year old.  Nor does my husband really care what I plan on doing differently in my classroom next year.  But, maybe you don’t care either.  However, it’s easier for you to click that little red x in the corner than it is for my husband to tune me out, guaranteed.

Basically, this blog is for me.  It’s for me to vent on; it’s for me to sort my feelings; it’s for me to talk in circles.  But hopefully, maybe, it’s for you, too.  Maybe it’s for you to find encouragement; maybe it’s for your entertainment, maybe it’s for you to relate to.  Or, maybe it’s because you have recently refreshed your newsfeed and there is nothing new, but you really need something to read on you bathroom break 😉  I’m ok with that, too. 

Until next time….

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile shall do”.
-Mother Teresa

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