New Year, New Blog (originally published on January 5, 2018)


Hello, all!

I got a surprise “it’s way too freaking cold” day and school was cancelled.  I’ve taken total advantage of nap time today and gotten this blog up and running.  I’ve been thinking of blogging again for a while, but when I logged in to my other blog, they’ve changed so much and want me to pay for the basics.  I decided to move it all over to this blog.  Luckily I only had 5 or 6 posts on there so it wasn’t a daunting task.

I didn’t have intentions on moving everything over, but as I started reading my posts, I realized how cool these will be to have together forever.  It’s almost like a diary, except instead of locking it and hiding it, I’m posting on the world wide web!

I’m planning on blogging more this year.  I’m already off to a great start because not a single post was published in 2017.  I can’t promise you what the blogs will be about.  I’m planning on blogging and posting as things come to me; generally inspired by my kids, family, students, travel, experiences, or church.

I’m not blogging because I think my life is extra special or because I’m a professional in any certain area of my life.  Mostly I’m blogging because it feels good to me.  It helps me reflect on moments.  Also, because every once in a while, I come across a mom’s blog that helps me through a tough time, gives me a little inspiration, helps me figure out a quick and easy dinner, or gives me something new and fun to try with the girls.  If I can do that for one or two people, I’ll feel fulfilled.  

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you come back soon 🙂  Stay warm this weekend!

Until next time…

“Make this year a year of finding, of fulfillment, of joy, peace, and purpose.”

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